Bella moves from Arizona to Washington
Date: January 17th, 2005 March
Bella wears a white sleeveless eyelet lace top
which symbolizes severence from a city
she will very well miss
(the very warm Phoenix).
Bella packed/squeezed everything into just 1 luggage. Bella has several luggages.
It rains when Bella arrived in Washington. It does not.
While driving Bella home, Charlie announces to Bella he bought her a truck. Charlie surprises her with the truck when she arrives home.
There are no visitors to greet Bella's arrival at her new home. Charlie's friend,
Billy Black and his son Jacob [Quileute native Americans]
greet Bella's arrival.
They live on a nearby reservation in La Push.
Bella's first day of school
It is foggy and rainy out. It is clear and humid out.
Bella arrives to school early to get her paperwork together, so it is nearly empty. Bella arrives to an already crowded school lot.
Eric Yorkie greets Bella after their 1st class. He greets her upon her arrival before classes begin.
During lunch, the Cullens are already seated at their table. They arrive in pairs.
Jasper poses as a high school senior. -- junior.
Bella and Edward's Biology teacher is Mr. Banner. -- Mr. Molina.
Mike introduces himself to Bella in their Biology class. -- their Gym class.
Bella returns to the main office to turn in her attendance slip
--after Edward storms off.
She storms off after he does, not turning her slip in.
Remainder of the week - Edward is absent from the area
The following day, Bella wears a navy blue sweater. y
Mike invites Bella to La Push Ocean Park during gym. Eric does this, during lunch, after the van incident.
Bella communicates with her mom Renee
through e-mail on an old desktop dial-up computer.
They communicate by phone. Bella has her own mobile and wireless laptop.
At home during dinner, Charlie asks Bella how school is
and if she met anyone.
She then asks him about the Cullens.
This is done at a diner.
Edward returns to school and talks to Bella for the 1st time
The day starts off snowy, and later becomes icy. It is wet and icy out, but not snowy.
Bella discovers her dad had ice chains placed on her tires.
She becomes emotional that she was cared for.
Charlie announces to Bella he had her tires replaced in time for school.
He rushes off to work due to a new "animal" attack.
During lunch, Bella discovers Edward is back.
He arrives to their Biology class after she does.
Bella does not know Edward is present until she arrives to their Biology class,
where he is already seated.
While completing their Mitosis lab assignment,
Edward accidently touches his hand to Bella's where she discovers it's cold as ice.
This happens when Edward drives Bella home after rescuing her in Port Angeles.
During class, after they complete their labwork,
Bella asks Edward if he has contacts on,
and he asks her why she moved here.
These questions are asked in reverse order
starting during their labwork
and continuing in the hallway after class dismissal.
Tyler's van incident / Hospital
Before classes begin

Bella is between 2 vehicles: her own, and other student's.
Edward is 4 car spots away.

Tyler's van spins.

Edward grabs hold of Bella
but releases her to keep the van from landing on her legs
using both his hands and shoulder.
This causes her head to hit the ground.
He then pushes the van upward with 1 hand
to free his other hand to move her body out of the way.
He asks her if she's alright, but she is too fixated on how he made it over so quickly.

He stays with her until they arrive at the hospital.

In the hospital, Edward stops by the Emergency Room to check on Bella.
Charlie is waiting in the waiting area.

At the Cullen's home, the family discuss with Edward
their concern of being exposed.

After school dismissal

Bella's truck is parked parallel to a curb.
Edward is across the curb.

Tyler's van glides sideways toward Bella.

Edward grabs hold of Bella with 1 arm, and stops the van with his free hand.

They then share a gaze, and he rushes off.

-- Charlie stops by the Emergency Room to check on Bella.
Edward is avoiding Bella.

-- This happens in the hospital hallway
outside of the Emergency Room with just Edward, Carlisle, and Rose.

Post-incident / Biology class fieldtrip to a greenhouse
Bella sleeps and dreams of Edward while he's watching her in her bedroom.

This happens [after] she had stated to Edward she thinks he regretted saving her.

Bella awakens and catches Edward in her bedroom, thinking it is just her imagination.

-- before.
Tyler's van is replaced with a Sentra Tyler drives the same van
Bella avoids the school's dance by telling her
persistant inviters she's going to Seattle, Washington.

Mike asks Bella to the dance during Biology in their classroom.

-- Jacksonville, Florida.

-- during their Biology class fieldtrip to a greenhouse.

Edward acts as though nothing had happened and ignores Bella for a month. Bella tries to act as though nothing had happened and ignores Edward,
but he approaches her with curiosity, asking her why she's going to Jacksonville.
In the classroom after lecture and class dismissal,
Bella states to Edward she thinks he regrets saving her.
This is done during their class fieldtrip.
Outside the cafeteria before classes start,
Edward confesses to Bella he'd like to be friends but can't be.

During lunch, Edward invites Bella over to a seperate table
and continues to warn her to stay away from him.
He then hints it's because he isn't good.

Bella asks Edward to join in on the beach trip
after she is excused from Biology after fainting.
Edward had skipped class.

This is all done during lunch when the 2 are at the salad bar.
La Push, baby
At the beach, the group encircle a camp fire to hang out. -- Tyler's van.
Bella "meets" Jacob here. He tells her they've met and hung out before when they were children. This is done the day Bella moves to Forks when she first arrived at her new home.
The group split up, either staying at the camp fire, or to hike. -- to surf, or hike.
After learning about the Cullen's history from Jake,
Bella does some internet research already suspecting them to be vampires,
as Jake had already somewhat revealed them to be.

Bella does further research on Quileute legends
because Jake had laughed the subject off believing it to be untrue.
Her search results indicate she can learn more information on the legends from a book,
which she discovers can be purchased downtown at a bookstore in Port Angeles.
1st Sunny day / Port Angeles
Bella is wearing a navy blue blouse.
Edward is wearing a light colored turtleneck and leather jacket. <
During class, Jessica & Angela ask Bella
to go dance-dress-shopping with them in Port Angeles.
Bella agrees to it after concluding she should
build up a new wardrobe more suitable for the often cold and wet weather of the area.

While trying out dresses in Port Angeles,
Angela tells Bella the Cullens skip school on sunny days
after Bella asks her why they were absent.

Girl's choice dance dresses: Jessica's = Blue, strapped | Angela's = Pink

Bella asks to join along when the subject of going
prom-dress-shopping is brought up by Jessica & Angela
when they are outside enjoying the rare warm and sunny weather before classes begin.
Bella's true intention on going is to purchase the book on Quileute legends.

-- Jessica reveals this information before classes start
after noticing Bella is looking for Edward outside.

Prom dresses: Jessica's = Pink, neck sling halter

The bookstore is run by a woman.
Bella doesn't even go inside after seeing the store is too spiritual.
A man runs the store. Bella purchases a book on Quileute legends.
Bella gets harassed in an alley
Bella weakly tells her harrassers in the alley to get away.

Bella bravely yells for her harrasses to stop touching her
and even dares to knee-kick one of them.
Edward speeds over in his car and u-turns
so his passenger side faces Bella so she can let herself in. He speeds them off.

He pulls over and asks Bella to distract him so he can calm down.
She states her irritation that Tyler believes him and her will be attending prom together.

She notices she is late to her dinner with the girls so he speeds her over to the restaurant.

Edward speeds over and gets out of his car, tells Bella to get in, glares/growls at her harrassers,
then speeds off after making a u-turn.

He then asks her to distract him so he can fight his urge to turn back around and kill her harrassers.
She tells him to put his seatbelt on.
This amuses him, and he tells her she should be the one to put her sealbelt on.

He drives straight to the restaurant.

After arriving outside the restaurant,
Edward runs into the 2 girls and asks to join them for dinner,
but Angela states they had already finished dinner.
This upsets Jessica because she wanted to interact with him.
Edward apologizes to the 2 girls for making Bella miss dinner.
Jessica is understanding of the situation and is even excited for Bella.

Edward pays the hostess to be seated
at an out-of-the-way booth for a sense of privacy.
Edward and Bella are seated at a table
in the middle of the restaurant
Bella states she thinks her fate was up the time of the van incident.
Edward asks her not to go into the woods alone anymore.
This is done while the 2 are walking in the woods together near Bella's home.

I know what you are
As Edward drives Bella home,
she asks him how his mind-reading ability works,
if there are others, and if his family has this ability as well.
He has not yet confirmed he is a vampire.
This is done after he has already confirmed he is a vampire
and they spend several days learning about eachother.

Bella reveals to Edward she has finalized her theory that he's a vampire.
He hesitantly, but cooly confirms it.
This is done after school when she leads him into the forest and confronts him.
He coldy demands her to state what she had discovered of him.
He explains the advantages, lifestyles, and abilities of vampires. This happens the week they exchange questions to learn about eachother.
Going public / Confirmed relationship
After Edward and Bella decide to become a couple,
he states during lunch he's going to hell for breaking rules.
This happens when they arrive to school together for the 1st time.

During gym, Mike tells Bella he doesn't like that she's now with Edward. This happens after school at the diner.
Edward hints he can't sleep
when picking Bella up the day after they are publicly known to be together.
Edward reveals he doesn't sleep when Bella tours his room and sees he has no bed.

Bella is wearing a brown turtleneck and jeans 2
Billy and Jake stop by Charlie's house. Jake had driven them over. It's raining heavilly out. -- Billy drove. It's not raining.
Later inside, Charlie tells Bella he's sorry he leaves her alone too often. This is stated at the diner.
At school during lunch, Edward states to Bella his concern on the dangers
his family and Bella would face as a public couple, if their relationship were to end.
This is stated by Rose and Emmett when Edward first shows Bella his home.

The meadow
Edward and Bella unintentionally dress alike:
white collar shirt, tan sweater, jeans.
Edward had made plans on showing Bella the meadow,
letting her drive to it, and hiking 6 miles to reach it.

Edward decides to "fly" Bella to the meadow
to demonstrate why she should stay away from him
after she confronted him after school on her knowledge that he's a vampire.

Edward demonstrates his skills at the meadow
because she had stated earlier she wanted to witness what he can do.
This is done by a mountain, to encourage her to stay away from him.

Edward calls Bella a little coward before "flying" her for the 1st time.

-- "Spider-monkey", after she states she isn't scared of him after they dance to Debussy in his room.
It isn't their 1st time.

They share their first kiss. -- done in her bedroom on her bed.
As Edward drives Bella back home from the meadow,
he reveals his transformation story, his family's abilities,
and that his family are different from other vampires.
This is done the week they ask eachother questions to learn of one another.

Edward tells Bella she is his life now -- after spending the night over.

This is done in the Cullen's garage when they have to separate
so Jas and Alice can drive Bella to Arizona to escape James.
Visit to the Cullens
Edward spends the night over. After Bella awakened,
he asks her at the last minute to come over and meet his family
He asks her ahead of time
before Billy and Jake show up to watch a sports game on TV with Charlie.
Bella wears her navy blouse (knowing Edward loves how she looks in it),
a long beige skirt, and puts her hair up.
Edward drives Bella in her truck over to his home,
because he had "flown" to her house to spend the night.
Edward picks Bella up to drive her over to his home.

Rose and Emmett aren't present to greet Bella.

Alice and Jas walk down from upstairs to greet Bella.

They are, and Rose is unwelcoming.

-- Alice and Jas emerge through the window from some tree branches.

The Cullens often forget that humans eat regularly. The Cullens prepare Bella an Italian meal, thinking she's Italian.
Edward explains the history behind Carlisle's cross after Bella sees it.

He continues to tell Carlisle's history in Carlisle's study room.

-- They walk right by it without acknowledging it.

-- We get a glimpse of this in the New Moon movie
when Edward explains to Bella what the Volturi are
and that Carlisle had been a member.

Bella tells Edward she is unthreatned by him and does not fear him.
He fake-attacks her on his couch in his room.
He "flies" her out his room through his glass wall.

Jas, Alice, and Edward ask Bella to witness them in a game of baseball.

-- Edward tells Bella these plans at the last minute
when picking her up from her home to announce to Charlie she'll be out.
Edward drops Bella off [home].
Billy & Jake are there to give Charlie Harry's homemade fish fry. Charlie isn't home.

Billy uses this time to warn Bella to keep her distance from the Cullens.

-- Charlie is home and they spend the afternoon watching a sports game on TV.

Billy only hints his dislike for vampires.

It's raining heavilly at Bella's home, but not at the field. It isn't rainy out.
Edward has to "fly" Bella to the game field. They drive right into the area.
Alice says, "It's time" -- then a thunderclap is heard. This is done after we hear the thunderclap.
Umpire = Esme
Batter = Emmett
Catcher = Jas
Jas and Carlisle collide, causing the same loudness of a thunderclap.
Umpire = Bella
Batter = Jas
Catcher = Esme
-- Emmett and Edward collide.
Edward tells Bella to let her hair down after learning the nomads are on their way over.
Alice says this won't make a difference because she can already smell her across the field.

-- Rose makes this statement, but with an attitude.
The nomads ask to join the game.
Carlisle states they just finished their game and asks the nomads to come over instead.
Carlisle unwillingly allows the nomads to join their game,
with the real intention for Edward and Bella to use this time to their advantage to escape them.
James' hunt
Laurent asks the Cullens if Bella is their snack. James says this, as a statement.
Edward speeds Bella away [with Alice and Emmett] using Emmett's jeep. -- Only Edward and Bella speed off.
Edward pulls over to think up plans for Bella to leave the area.

This is discussed at the last minue
while Edward quickly helps Bella pack up her things from her room.
After Edward drives Bella in her truck to his home, Emmett flies her inside the house. Edward and Bella walk into the house together.
Bella and Esme swap clothing in her room after Rose refuses to do so. Rose is urged by Carlisle in the garage to take Bella's excess clothing to help Edward.
Edward gives Bella a forceful kiss because they have to separate.
Everyone but Jas, Alice, and Bella speed drives off.
No kiss is shown.
Everyone speed drives off first except Edward, Carlisle, and Emmett.
Bella asks Alice how a human becomes a vampire because Edward had refused to explain.
Alice explains what she remembers.
Bella had asked Edward this earlier, and he hinted how the process is done.
Alice had fore-seen James in the dance studio playing a video tape. Alice only sees the studio itself.
Edward, Carlisle, and Emmett lead James to Vancouver.
Esme and Rose are watching out for Charlie.
Edward, Emmett, and Rose try to mislead James on foot by using Bella's clothing, worn by Rose.
Edward learns James had figured out the false track.
James tells Bella to go to her old home where he later instructs her to go to the studio. He tells her directly to go straight to the studio.
Bella escapes Jas and Alice at the airport. -- while Jas checks the 3 out of the hotel.
Bella had forgotton her pepperspray at home. Bella uses it on James readily in hand.
James bites Bella on her palm. -- near her wrist.
Emmett and Jas kill James in a different room
because Jas can't handle the scent of Bella's pouring blood.
This is done nearby for Bella to witness.
Bella awakens in the hospital. Edward greets her, announcing Renee had stepped out to eat. Renee is there when Bella awakens.
Bella states to her mom she wants to stay in Forks
and Renee guesses it's to be with Edward.
This was hinted earlier before Edward showed up in her bedroom when they shared their 1st kiss.
Renee does not understand why Bella would now want to stay in Forks.
Bella asks Edward why he didn't let the venom spread so she can be his kind,
stating her life is meaningless without him in it.
This is discussed during prom while they're dancing outside under the gazebo.
Alice prepares Bella for prom at the Cullen's home.

Her dress is a deep blue and off shouldered, and she has ribbon tie-up stilletos.

Bella is seen already made up at her own home.

-- Sling-necked halter, Chucks sneakers.

The dance is held in the school's gym. -- an inn.
Jake approaches Bella while she's dancing inside with Edward.
His dad had offerend him $20 and a car part to get her to break up with Edward.
This is done outside while Edward is parking his vehicle.
The car part is not mentioned.
Edward and Bella dance inside with others. They then go outside to sit at a bench alone. They stop by the dance floor and leave to dance alone under the gazebo alone.